Holiday planning, 5 tips holiday to the zoo 2014

Families with children to the zoo , can be a very exciting moment . Mingle with the animals will be more exciting if the traveler knows 7 tips vacation to the zoo .

Even better if the roads to the zoo invites young children and introduce a variety of animals native America , Africa or other countries so the collection . gathered Thursday ( 03/27/2014 ) The following 7 tips for a trip to the zoo more exciting :

1.Create Schedule

create a schedule for your holiday such as the date and the month is not busy for you, to make it you can print a blank calendar template and can be edited, in recommend that you bring all the family holiday as a child and wife

2 . bring drinking

Drinking water , of course, be an important point when the road anywhere , including while traveling zoo . We definitely much walking at the zoo and had to much to drink without Meaning, without having to bother buying . Additionally Travelers can save more costly expenses while at the zoo . In addition to carrying mineral water , bring sugary drinks as well not to be too dehydrated in the hot sun .

3 . Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

Surround the coolest zoo greeting walk one by one all the collection of animals . When the traveler would walk a lot of sweat . Then it wore cotton clothes that absorb sweat and odor fast . Also do not forget to wear the most comfortable shoes you think , and also wear socks to avoid blisters on the soles of the feet .

4 . Keep a safe distance with cage

This is something that must be considered in order not to endanger yourself , traveler especially children should keep the animals in cages . Usually every cage there is a barrier where travelers can only interact with the animals in the safe limit . Do not occasionally cross the line , because we’ll never know the condition of the animals . I could have you torn to pieces because these animals was disturbed

5 . Prohibited indiscriminate feeding the animals !

In all there is always a board cage ban for animal feed . Remember ! The board is not just a mere display that can be broken arbitrarily . Most Indonesian tourists ignore this .